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Project Premieres

The movie Nameless Star - Steaua fara nume - final product of the project, soon subtitled in various languages

Now we are editing the movie "Latest News/Dernière Heure/Ultima Ora", another final product of our project, a new vision of Mihail Sebastian's play, a very fine combination of actors and animation!

Bucharest, May 29 - The first opera about the Holocaust entitled 'The Laugh of a Rat', created in Israel, will be played before the Bucharest audience on June 8, at the National Theatre House, the novel's author Nava Semel announced at a news conference here on Thursday.

She spoke about the book she wrote six years ago, adding it had been a great success in Israel due to the unique manner of addressing the Holocaust; she also spoke about her collaboration with the composer of the opera music, Ella Milch Sheriff.

'At first, I had certain misgivings in speaking about the Holocaust by music, but Ella was the courageous one, she went all the way with the project. She is the initiator of this idea, she is the person with the vision, she is the one who told me that when she reads the book she hears the music, in fact. She saw something I didn't see', Semel said.

Sheriff, who also attended the news conference, explained she had had from the very beginning the vision of the book transposed into an opera and that she had addressed everything as an experiment that finally proved to be a success.

Nava Semel is of Romanian descent, with her parents being born in Suceava and Siret (northeastern Romania) respectively.

'My book speaks not only of the horrors of the Holocaust, but it answers the question about how we should remember it. The opera evokes the Holocaust from three perspectives: the past, the present and the future', she said.

The opera is played for the second time in a foreign country, after Poland; the Romanian audience will also have the opportunity to see the performance at the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu.

'It is a privilege and a joy to have them here, with us, and we have tried to organise this tour as well as possible, to make a material and moral contribution to its success', director of the Bucharest National Theatre Ion Caramitru said. 'Cameri Theatre offers us the joy that the (Romanian) National Theatre Company perform a show at a festival to take place in Tel Aviv in 2009', he added.

Also attending the news conference was Israeli ambassador to Romania Oren David, who said that 'The Laugh of a Rat' show offers a good opportunity to mark this year 60 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Israel.

Bucarest, 29 mai - Le premier opéra sur l'Holocauste, composé en Israël et intitulé 'Rire de rat', sera présenté au public bucarestois le 8 juin, au Théâtre national, a annoncé ce jeudi, à une conférence de presse, l'écrivain du roman adapté pour la scène, Mme Nava Semel.

Celle-ci a parlé à la presse de son livre écrit voici six ans et qui avait joui d'un écho retentissant en Israël grâce à la manière unique de traiter l'Holocauste, rappelant à la fois de sa collaboration avec celle qui avait composé la musique de l'opéra, Ella Milch Sheriff.

Nava Semel a ses origines en Roumanie, ses parents étant nés à Suceava et Siret (nord).

'Mon livre ne parle pas seulement des horreurs de l'Holocauste, mais répond à la question de savoir comment nous devons nous en souvenir. Dans cette pièce est évoqué l'Holocauste de trois points de vue: passé, présent et avenir', a ajouté Mme Semel.

La pièce est jouée la deuxième fois dans un pays étranger, après la Pologne et, en Roumanie, elle sera présentée également au Festival international du Théâtre de Sibiu.

'C'est un privilège et une joie de les avoir aux côtés de nous et nous avons fait de notre mieux pour organiser cette tournée, contribuer matériellement et moralement à sa réussite et le Théâtre Cameri nous donne la satisfaction, en 2009, que le Théâtre national présente un spectacle à un festival qui sera accueilli par Tel Aviv', a relevé le directeur du Théâtre national de Bucarest, Ion Caramitru.

À la conférence de presse a participé aussi l'ambassadeur d'Israël à Bucarest, Oren David, qui a affirmé que le spectacle 'Rire de rat' venait marquer, une fois de plus, l'accomplissement cet an de 60 ans de relations diplomatiques entre la Roumanie et son pays.

Project philosophy

The project "A Jewish Inheritance against Intolerance" has the following objectives: the promotion of the initiative of a Romanian-Italian-Slovakian group if youngsters who are members of the associations: Asociaţia Culturală Europea – Vaslui – România (the Cultural Association Europea – Vaslui – Romania", "Slovak-Indian
Friendship Society" from Trencin – Slovakia, GIOSEF – Giovani Senza Frontiere from Caserta – Italy and Associazione Culturale "Arci-Strauss" from Mussomeli - Italy ; a study of the influence of the Hebrew civilization in the geographical areas which the youngsters belong to; the professional orientation of the young people by leading them towards activities meant to stimulate their creativity and form the masterliness in fields like cinema, photography, music, history, scriptwriting, web design, the use of new technologies for artistic expression. The involvement of the representatives of Jewish communities in the two countries is also targeted
and the involvement of some other government and non-government organizations. The artistic options are justified by the previous results obtained in all these fields by the members of the four associations. After a preparatory stage which coincides with the organization of workshop and minute presentation of the strategy,
the project teams will achieve the following final products, both in independent activities and in conjunct activities during the mobilities. An artistic film, inspired by the work of Mihail Sebastian, one of the great Jewish writers in Romanian, two documentary films about the cultural influence and the history of the Jewish Community in Italy, Slovakia and Romania, especially in the regions which the three Associations belong to, Jewish music concert, a Photo-Novel with proofs of the Jewish culture, a historical and sociological study of the Romanian-Italian-Slovakian and Jewish reciprocal cultural influences. All the final products will be presented on the site of the project. The evaluation of the project will be achieved both conjunctly and individually, marking each step of the activities, from the organization of the teams to the evaluation of the final products. The dissemination strategy will include the distribution of the final products to as many Youth
Associations as possible, the organization of a photo exhibition, the launching of websites and film watching in cinema houses in the above mentioned countries, the realization of some TV shows dedicated to the actions, the organization of press conferences and informative meetings with other associations and youth movements.

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